The latest interpretation of crisp white concrete,
delicately touched by subtle greys that breath warmth and organic energy.

A swirling galaxy of dynamic grey stripes and speckles that span across a crisp white surface, capturing a complex composition of minerals in a delicate interlacing of jade and copper that thread through this impressive stone

A misty white base that unravels with the softest strokes of earthy veining, swirling slowly into the stone that radiates a translucent glow, with warm, milky movements.

A pure white backdrop animated by bold flashes of a soft mix of warm neutrals, highlighted by golden-copper lines that lend its lavish look.

Vicostone Blue Savoy is a unique blend of thread-like veins fading in and out of a vibrant dark blue granite background.

Vicostone Misterio entangles brown and gray vein layers spreading over a luxurious white marble-look background. One of our most popular designs for its elegance and natural aesthetic.

Inspired by granite’s natural charm, Vicostone Serra reinterprets the wild and free elements of the stone with a crisp white background and some notes of color.

Vicostone Cinza is inspired by natural marble and features a unique blend of thread-like veins fading in and out of a gray background.

Inspired by marble stone, Vicsotone Valley White is even more unique with thin and thick veins on a white marble-look background.

Inspired by the concrete looking in modern designs or bold urban-industrial style, Vicostone Naxos is even more unique with musty effect veins on the bright gray background.